October 15, 2007

My First Treasury

For those of you not familiar with Etsy, the Treasury is a collection made by Etsy member of their favorite things. It is on display in the Treasury section from 2 to 3 days. People can view the Treasuries and leave comments if they wish. If you are a seller and are chosen to be in someone's Treasury it usually means more exposure for your item and shop. If you are the person creating the Treasury it means fun!

A Treasury sometimes hard to come by. The Treasury must drop below 222 and you have to be on the Treasury list page and ready when one becomes available. I learned through the forums that while you are waiting for a Treasury you DO NOT REFRESH your page. You just have to sit and wait for that elusive box to show up. When the box shows up on the bottom of the page you click in it and it saves your spot. Then you go about naming and creating your Treasury.

Sunday as I was on the Treasury list page I noticed that a lot were expired and they would become available soon. I figured, it's worth a try. I never tried before because I thought there was some special trick to getting one. But, I sat and waited and sure enough the box signaling that a Treasury was available showed up. Talk about exciting! Right as I clicked I noticed the time and had to go pick up my boys from Sunday school so my Treasury didn't get up and going for about an hour.

The title of my Treasury is Are You Swanky? and it features items from an Etsy group I belong to called Designing Swanky Moms. I wanted a uniform look so I tried to have all the items I chose in the yellow family or containing some yellow. Below is a screenshot of my creation.

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