March 20, 2008

Custom Easter Order

Last week I was asked by Melanie to make three Bible verse bookmarks for her teenage daughers for Easter. I am pleased with the way turned out and even better, Melanie was thrilled.

March 11, 2008

Rustic Earrings

I love how these earrings turned out. I made simple hoops out of copper wire and then hammered it to give them some texture. I decided to oxidize them instead of leaving the copper shiny. I gave them a quick dunk in liver of sulphur and this is how they came out. They remind me of something rustic that you might find in an old barn. I'm going to make myself a pair and I am hoping to duplicate the patina exactly.

These are available in my Etsy store

March 6, 2008

My Helper

This is Stormy. She loves to help me when I use the printer. By help I mean that she likes to pounce on the paper as it gets fed into the printer. She also likes to grab the paper and help it out of the printer. Stormy also can flip open the printer cover where the ink goes.

I try to print when she is sleeping, but as you may know, cats have very good hearing and I have a very loud printer. When the printer starts Stormy comes flying from wherever she is in the house, slides across the desk, sending papers scattering and parks herself right in front of the printer. Gone are the days of hitting the print button and going off to do something else while the printer does its magic. Now the printer needs to be babysat unless you don’t mind coming back to a shredded document.

Good thing she is a lovable, funny and dopey pile of mush or she would have been hung up by her ears long ago.