November 5, 2007

Photographing Earrings Saga

I have been making earrings lately, but having a heck of a time getting good photographs of them. I like the look of the earrings hanging so that the person looking at them gets a good idea of how they hang. So, I have what I thought was a good system. I have my light box with my blue sky and clouds background. I have a wrought iron picture frame from which I removed the glass to have a place to hang the earrings. And, of course, I have the earrings.

I take most of my pictures with my light box on one of two windowsills in my house at the same time of day when it is bright outside. I either take the pictures in our family room or in the kitchen.

Day One - I set up my light box and picture frame and hung the earrings. Then I go about my business while waiting for the earrings to stop swaying so I can get a nice clear picture. Here is where things get complicated. Here in Northern NJ it is starting to get cold out, which means that the heat comes on. We have forced hot air heat with a blower located, you guessed it, right under the window. So now I have to wait for the earring to stop swaying all over again and quickly get the pictures done.

Day Two – I don’t want to worry about the heat again so this time I set up in the kitchen. There is a small piece of counter which folds down that I can fold up and use as a table that is right in front of the window and I don’t have to worry about the heat blowing. So, I set up my light box and earrings and go about my business while waiting for the earrings to stop swaying only to come back to find Emma, the cat, curled up in the light box with the earrings!

I finally have my photos all done and ready to list in the next few days in my shop.

There has to be an easier way, but I haven’t found it yet – any and all suggestions are welcome

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Leah said...

I have a really hard time photographing earrings too - I don't know why they are so much harder for me than necklaces!