September 22, 2009

Happy Autumn

In the United States today is the first day of Fall. Here in New Jersey that means that the leaves will soon be turning beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red. I thought I would take a look around Etsy and see what kind of Fall leaves I could find.

Thank you Glittered Bird in a Tree Card
Maple Leaf ACEO
Quilted Cocktail Napkins-Autumn Leaves


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Ann - Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm glad someone out there feels my pain in the aging department:)
Love your leaf pics and I'm on my way to check out your shops...your jewelry looks gorgeous!!
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for the sweet! I'm so ready for fall too, yay!

Jamie :)

Blue Forest Jewellery said...

You picked some beautiful things :)

My Owl Barn said...

Beautiful post. Fall is a very happy time of the year :)