September 25, 2007


Do you love to read? I do. And I love using a bookthong instead of a scrap of paper or a piece of junk mail. These are great because they are as thin as a piece of cord so they fit nice and snug inside the book and the beads on the end keep them from getting pulled out.

They also do double duty in my house. One of my cats, Emma (tabby in my profile photo), is the anti-literacy cat. If I am lying down with a book, she likes to get in between my face and the book. If I move the book closer to my face, she climbs over the book to get closer to my face. This is where the bookthong comes in. If I hold the book in my right hand and dangle the bookthong with my left hand Emma gets interested in swatting at the bookthong and I can read my book.

NOTE:The bookthongs I sell in my Etsy shop are not the ones that Emma plays with. She plays with the ones I have for my personal use only.


Simply Wired said...

Hi Mary Ann. Thanks for the comment! And these li'l book thongs are absolutely adorable! What a great idea. I saw your comment about the lizard litter in the tumbler...sounds neat! Does it get rid of the burrs on your jump rings? Just curious. The opening of the shop is taking longer than expected, basically because I want to be sure I have everything in place BEFORE I set up shop. Hopefully by October, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Take care...Chelsea

Mary Ann said...

Hi Chelsea - you don't have a shop? I could have sworn that I have seen your work somewhere before. Maybe on another forum? Maybe you posted a link to photos on the forum? Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.
I tumble my rings without anything and find that removes most of the burrs from the rings hitting against each other. Then I tumble the finished piece in lizard litter.