September 26, 2007

Fringe Bracelet

I’m going to be listing this bracelet in my shop later today. It has a seed bead base strung on beading wire. Then I wove beads in between each of the seed beads working my way down one end of the bracelet and then turning around and working my way back up. I then went down the length of the bracelet one more time for a total of 3 passes. If you want a bracelet that is not as dense you just don’t make so many passes down the bracelet.

I learned this technique on
Beadwork on the forums. Last year it was discussed many times sometimes as Fringe Bracelet, sometimes as Cha-Cha Bracelet and sometimes as Urchin Bracelet.

My husband and sons can’t believe that I’m going to list this bracelet. They say it too big and beady. Men, what do they know? I made one of these in brown last year for a friend after she saw one and she loved it. I would love opinions from women, after all, they are who I designed it for!


MillieDog Designs said...

Wow, this bracelet is beautiful! Thanks for joining the blog group as well :)

The Prairie Jeweler said...

I have always adored this style, just wish I had the patience for it. Beautiful work!

mom said...

Wow~ I want to learn the technique you used. I have seen lots of fringe/caterpillar tutorials and none that I found look uite like yours. How did you finish the ends? Did you use 1 long piece of beading wire? How long?

mom said...

uite=quite. I am typing in the dark. LOL!

Sharon... said...

This is beautiful! Did it sell? I am going to look for some tutorials to learn how to do this. Fantastic!