April 26, 2008

Competition For The Sunny Window

I like to photograph my jewelry in natural light. After a lot of hit and miss with the lighting and the time of day, I finally found what works the best for me. I use the window in our family room in the mid-morning for the best photographs with the least amount of photo editing needed. Well, as you can see from the photo to the right, that is also Emma's favorite morning sunny spot. It's not so bad sharing when I'm trying to get a good shot of a bracelet or a necklace, but it can be quite the pain when she joins me when I am shooting earrings. I use a picture frame without glass to dangle my earrings from. Some days it seems that they take forever to stop swaying. And most days it seems that the moment they are done swaying is the exact moment that Emma decides she needs to be in the window. I guess it could be worse - she could be in the box with the earrings.


Anonymous said...

Well I could take a few photography tips from you! I am working on a light box. But where I live, light is not something that comes naturally!!

knitsteel said...

I've been using a lightbox in front of a sunny window. If the lighting doesn't work during the day, then I wait until night and use my daylight fluorescent bulbs.

Bellastar1117 said...

Love the kitty in the window! Mine does the same thing. I keep explaining things to her and she keeps looking at me like I'm talking a foreign language! :)