May 27, 2008

Copper - Shiny or Oxidized - You Choose

Whenever I make a new piece of copper jewelry I love how bright and shiny it looks when I take it out of the tumbler. I admire it for awhile and then decide if I am going to add a patina or not. Here are a few pairs of earrings that I made both ways so you, the buyer, can decide which they prefer.
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fluffnflowers said...

You do beautiful work! I think, for me, it'd depend what I intended on wearing the piece with on whether I'd prefer the patina or not. I wish I could wear copper!

esque said...

Wow, very beautiful indeed ! Personally, I'd prefer with the patina, as I am more of a low-key person. Thanks for visiting my blog!


AlasMyDear said...


i like the pair on the left patina-ed, and the pair on the right without. but that's just me :)

Anonymous said...

The bottom left one is cool. ^^ Tks for viewing my blog. I c that you are an etsian too thgh I hope I am a full-time jewellery maker like you. Was looking through a jewellery supplies site when I saw your comment. Been 'staring' at that site for months n still figuring our differences in materials. I am a self-taught jewellery maker. Haven't made one so far thgh I did quite a few years back. Keep up the good work.:)

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Nice work! Depending on my mood, I love copper both ways. Also depends on what I am pairing it with. I use a lot of turquoise and love oxidized copper with it. Your jewelry is awesome!