November 25, 2008

The Million Dollar Bracelet

There is always a lot of talk on the Etsy forums about making sure that you get paid for your time when you are pricing your item. Well, I'm sure that we have all had item like my black, gray and red bangle. It is bead crocheted which entails stringing all the beads in order on thread and then crocheting them into a tube. The tube is then joined with an invisible seam to create a bangle. This is how it went:

Attempt 1 - Crocheted all the beads. Did invisible join. Knotted and knotted some more to make sure it was secure. After closer inspection I found that the stripes didn't match up evenly. Once a bangle is securely joined it cannot be taken apart, so it meant cutting it a part, restringing and starting over.

Attempt 2 - Crocheted all the beads again. Did the join and it lined up perfectly. Went to slip it over my hand and there was no way it was going to fit. Since I'm an average sized women I couldn't imagine it selling too quickly at the size it was. Cut apart and restring, again.

Attempt 3 - Crocheted all the beads again. Did the join and it lined up perfectly. Tried it on before doing the final knotting to make sure that it fit me loosely so that it would also fit someone slightly larger. Photographed and listed.

If I actually charged for all the time I worked on this bracelet I would have to charge an exorbitant amount. Since all time spent was due to operator error it is being offered in my shop for $28. Hopefully it will go to a good home to someone who appreciates it.

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Teresa said...

I think you did a really good job! The bracelet is really nice. Definitely a labor of love. :)