February 26, 2009

Etsy Envy

The Etsy Bloggers Team is blogging about something from Etsy that you wish you had thought of first. As soon as I read that I new exactly what I was going to blog about. I came across 2ReVert.
This husband and wife team make jewelry from old skateboards. I think my idea envy stems from the fact that my son has been skating for over 9 years so we have gone through our share of skateboard decks. Here are a few of their unique pieces.

Micro Dots Necklace

Reversible Teardrop Necklace


Until I came across their jewelry I had no idea that the layers in the deck of a skateboard were so colored and varied.


missknits said...

wow i never did either! how very cool!

Hyla said...

I have loved this shop for awhile!