May 4, 2009

Lucite or Plastic?

I bought some necklaces at a flea market a few years ago. They came with a tag on them that said "Original Lucite by Dupont". I recently took them apart and started to make some jewelry pieces with them. Shown below is a bracelet I made using some dark teal marbled beads and copper oxidized wire.

I decided that before I listed them for sale I wanted to do a little research to make sure what I had was genuine Lucitie even though the tag said it was. Almost everything I found indicated that Lucite is heavier then plastic and doesn't have seams. Well, the beads I have are light and do have seams. I did find one source that said that newer Lucite beads were lighter and could have seams. Since I only found that piece of information in one place I don't feel comfortable listing these for sale as Lucite.So, I guess I will be wearing the pieces I made myself. If I can find a definitive answer in the future I have plenty more beads to make many more pieces.

If anyone has any information about Lucite beads that they can share, I would love to hear your comments.


Chrisy said...

These days they seem to use the terms lucite and plastic interchangeably...maybe you could just use the term 'vintage plastic' looks lovely...

Lemon Shortbread said...

I think lucite is a form of plastic since it's thermoplastic/ plexiglass? Some people say that lucite has no seams and is heavier than cheaper acrylics. Vintage lucite seems clearer to me at least! Dupont invented lucite so those beads must be real old to still have retained the tag when it was still relatively new. Love the bracelet btw!