May 14, 2009

My Favorite Birthday Present

This month's Etsy Bloggers assignment is to write about a favorite birthday memory or gift. This one is very easy for me, but it needs to be preceded by a short story.

When I was very young I was scared by a dog. Although I don't remember the incident, I do remember being terrified of dogs. All dogs - any shape and size. Another fact from when I was young is that I adored my grandfather and when I was about 4 he got a dog. A black dachshund named Fred. He gently assured me that Fred wouldn't hurt me and he was right. I fell in love with Fred. I soon found myself feeling more and more confident around dogs and decided that I wanted one of my own, but it had to be a dachshund like Fred, only a different color.

About a week before my fifth birthday my father came home and when I ran to greet him what did I find down by his feet, but the cutest little dachshund which I promptly named Peanut. I had Peanut for 16 wonderful years and can remember the day that I got him (40 years later) like it was yesterday.

I would love to hear some of your favorite birthday memories. Please leave a comment.


storybeader said...

he's a cutie! We had a sheltie when I was young. His name was Tiki (after KonTiki - the boat). Our family sailed every weekend and holidays, and sometimes we'd be out on the water all day. Tiki would hold on till we went ashore - what a trooper!

Anonymous said...

I can't remember my birthday presents, any of them.. don't no why.. maybe because my parents didn't give me any since I was ten (i think)..