January 17, 2011

Kindle Ereader Case

I received a Kindle ereader for Christmas this year. I love it!! I wanted to bring it to work with me so I could read on my break, but I was afraid that it would get scratched in my bag The answer - crochet a Kindle cozy to keep my Kindle safe and secure. I used a self patterning yarn and loved the result so much that I decided to make another and list it in my Etsy shop, Morning Sky Creations. That one, pictured below, sold the day after it was listed.

This is the one that is for sale now. It is also made from self patterning yarn and is composed of a variety of colors. If you look closely you will see tan, black, gray, lilac and a dark blue-green. Instead of using a flap with a buttonhole to close these cases I use a loop closure with a handcrafted button. This way if you want to charge your Kindle you simply put it in the case upside down and plug in your power cord.

The next one that I made was from a fun bright pink yarn that I came across. The picture doesn't do it justice. This yarn has pieces of metallic bright pink thread woven through. It is a fun cozy that is super soft. This case closes with a loop and button also, but the button is not handcrafted. I found a bright pink button with sparkles that I feel complements the case very well.

I also have added matching pouches to my shop that can be used to carry business cards, credit cards, rewards cards or whatever else you would like.


Sofi Stellar said...

What a cute idea. The creation is lovely-great color options! I want a kindle so bad!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Sofi. I was completely and utterly surprised when my husband gave me one for Christmas. I absolutely love it!