January 26, 2009

A Valentine's Day Memory

Many years ago when my husband and I were in high school and just dating he gave me a heart shaped box of chocolates.

A friend and I were sitting on my platform bed (it was the late 70's) eating some chocolate and talking. We decided to go out for a while. I returned to find the box of chocolates open and eaten and wrappers all over the place! Who would do such a thing? Well, the chocolate footprints all over the white comforter were a clue.

Peanut, my adorable dachshund, sure had himself a chocolate fest while I was out. They say that too much chocolate can kill a dog, but fortunately, he was just fine.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful jewelry!
Greetings from Argentina.
Lucky you for being from Jersey...

PamperingBeki said...

ha! I'm glad he was okay.

What a waste of the chocolate though.

Rachel said...

well I guess it is nice that peanut also got to enjoy the romantic gesture. thank god for his efficient digestive system!

cute story.