February 25, 2008

I Love Etsy

I listed this new bookmark on my Morning Sky Creations Etsy shop yesterday. It's made from decoupaging onto a painted 1 inch square wooden tile and then adding a cotton cord and glass beads. Both sides of the tile are the same.

I thought of using patterned papers like I use for my Bible verse bookmarks, but I was afraid that the heart would get lost in a pattern.

I have it priced at $7.50 since the decoupaging takes time. I wait 2 hours between each coat and I do both sides, so even though it's only a few minutes of work, it actually takes all day.

I would love to hear any opinions about paper choice and my price. Thanks for any input.


Jessica Ziel said...

I think it looks fine, less pattern so you can read it. Looks good to me.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Jessica for your input.

Casey said...

I think it's way cute! And I know whst you mean about taking all day...my pendants are like that, lol.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks Casey.